Serious Turok


Serious Turok is a mod that adds more dinosaurs, monsters, weapons, ammo, map changes, and more detail to the original maps. In an attempt at making it hectic like Serious Sam games. But not identical.

I’m only done with level 1 here and it didn’t become a thought until I finished it up. This is going to be one of my back end projects, slowly over time it will be added to. I’m also looking for anyone who wants to help if they wanted to speed it up. I’m going to take some time to finish this since I have other main projects. But that doesn’t mean I won’t put much effort into it. I will release here on forum only soon just this map for now. There are a lot of ideas for this mod and other things going on for it. Any ideas let me know what could be cool in a madness mod.

There are some other changes involved also. And more to come I will update list.


///Mag 60 weapon added/// This was done awhile ago but only now did the textures finally appear on it in game. (Thanks to Snake Plissken) Snake and I together got this model in game. The model is the mag 60 from Turok 2 (not from a remaster) placed in Tal’Set’s knife hand. Mag 60 still needs some minor work.
*Snake got the textures to appear by editing the model. It was driving me crazy and he got the textures to appear with model modifications to the model and creating a kmat file. Huge help thanks! When I was adding it in it was good except one thing, textures were oblivion lol. They needed a kmat and the models faces were not quite right to go into Turok even though they appeared on the model in blender/misfit.

Mag 60

Mag 60 before fixed textures (For a good laugh):

Some ammo adjustments: 
*Shotgun Ammo: 100 explosive shells and 100 normal shells. 50 with no backpack
*Pistol and Assault Rifle Ammo: Can carry 500 bullets
*Tek Arrow ammo: Carry 30 Tek arrows


Level 1: Revisit The Hub Ruins


Biggest Map Change: The green pillar maze has crashed down in certain spots opening that part of the map a hole lot more then it normally was.

Level 2 The Jungle: (Coming Soon)

//To Do List//

*Start with Chronosceptor weapon since we are revisiting. And give it more ammo

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