Turok, Doom, and Duke User Maps?! (Unreleased Content)



I make maps/mods for Turok, Doom, and Duke?! Excuse me I am still excited that I can.

I have a lot of work that has gone unreleased as of yet. That’s because I’m still working on it. I like to explore and see what I can do. Now that I can create levels and mods for 3 of my favorite games I’m pretty happy with gaming tbh. I know what I have fun on, playing or creating on these games is the best! So thanks to those who made it all possible. Keep in mind not all of these are finished and there will be more maps to go with them.


First lets start off with Turok because its the newest editor. Only two levels here two random levels that don’t go together. One is a Doom 2 level 1 remix and the other is unnamed but its a brand new map not based on anything just a simple Turok map! You will have to give me more time. But note that the Turok editor has become a big focus at the moment, as the community needs to take off and I’m going to keep hitting it with maps. Plus it is my most loved game.

Doom 2 level 1 Remix:


Brand new map Turok:




Now lets go over Doom because there is a hole lot here! I have been heavily invested in Doom and two different builders for it. One is Doom Builder 64 for Doom 64 Ex. The other is GZDoom Builder which I have been using to make maps for BD64/ Doom 2. The maps for Bd64 also work on Doom 2. More information about Soul Sanctum here: https://soulsanctum64.wordpress.com/2016/12/21/first-blog-post/


The Doom 64 EX wad is a 3 map wad and is called T.H.W.Y (To Hell With You)


T.H.W.Y MAP 01


T.H.W.Y MAP 02 (Not 100% Finished)



T.H.W.Y MAP 03 ( Not even 50% Finished)


Brutal Doom 64 Wad Soul Sanctum:

Soul Sanctum MAP 01 Place Called Home (This is the biggest map in the wad on purpose so far)


Soul Sanctum Map 02 Dine in Hell (This is literally a remake of my SnapMap map “Dine in Hell”) 


Dine in Hell SnapMap video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQzsMJxDguc

Soul Sanctum Map 03: 


Soul Sanctum MAP 04 :


Soul Sanctum Map 05: (Not Finished)



Now let’s go on to Duke Nukem 3D maps because I made a lot of maps for that and people tend to think I don’t do it anymore since its been awhile since I released one.

Haunted Nukem has an EP 2 me and St1ll_Wanted on the maps again we are halfway done with Map 05 which I wont include in pics here.

Haunted Nukem Map 01 


Haunted Nukem Map 03


Some Random secret within Huanted Nukem leads you here:


And finally no I have not forgot about Turok.map its still releasing.



This is all WIP but should all be releasing soonish!


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