Banjo’s Backpack (Ventures)

I called this post ventures because I never really tried to use the editor much. Only for a small time back when I was fooling around or “trying” to fool around in a sm64 editor. I don’t think I had enough know how then. Anyways, this post will just show stuff I am doing for testing waters how things work in Banjo and who knows. Maybe I could end up with a small level or something. It will also be used as important “forgettable” notes for myself.

First off…somehow this looks so familiar. Anyways just studying/observing the games maps to see some things.

I’m really just fooling around to see what I can do.

Definitely putting that in Turok.

Banjo is ready to take on the demons! lol

I put a Doom 64 level in Banjo

Welcome to The Lair Banjo.

Damn my scale is to small on the level.


How about Diddy Kong Racing Hub in Banjo? I extracted this level myself using Lemmy’s tool it was surely a pain in the ass to get all peices xD

Ooh found an important note:

Bottles Mound Start crashes the game: that’s because there’s a second camera that it tries to go to and there may not be a second camera yet…

This one crash after Bottles says “She flew up to her mountain lair!”. This is because the action changes to another camera………
The answer are simply, make a Cutscene camera ( ID:2) and put it where you want. In this manner the action will change to this camera, and Bottles will continue speaking.


This is important because you need the bottles mound start so you can acquire the basic moves(I think that’s the only far)

1-1-18 Update (Happy New Year)

Today I decided to take a shot at modeling my own banjo level in blender. As with everything I do, I do a test feel for it. So here is the test grunt level.

Scratched that map above as it was just a test version.

Started a new one that I will try to finish!

1-2-18 Update

Made some progress? added some walls and also i gave the little house a small inside.

I imported it into Banjo’s Backpack just to get a feel for how it will turn up (Added some props around lol)

Pretty proud of my banjo like house design.

I’d’e like to make the map go upward tomorrow. More ramps and platforms… Let’s see what I get if I have time.


More to come…


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