Creating Custom Turok models

I decided to make a few models in blender using Turok 1 and Turok 2 textures. And even at times use actual pieces from the game (such as a skull etc) to add to my model to give them the connection but not all of them. Mostly I am just making pillars here first. I wanted to learn some more about models and make my own this year to start the year of differently.

Some notes

Turok’s normal size floor model is 11.252 ft x 11.252 ft using the imperial scale in blender

Turok’s normal size wall is 11.252 x 5.626


1-13-18 Start Date

Textures set up and good to go.

I created a little hut first

Turned that hut into a corridor model that you can copy paste to make corridors. I have to make some more various version like a T and a curve (hopefully)

Made an open room that goes good with the corridors.

Tested it in T2. Somethings to fix there but it was great.

1/15/17 Update

Kind of proud of my pillar xD Also, doesn’t that face remind you of a Raptoid from Turok 2? It does for me lol

From head on this texture kinda looks alike

Anyways, Made another random pillar.

I made pillar caps that go onto almost any pillar from the game to add style to general pillars I’m planning to make a few variants of them. You can even scale it up a little and make a small pool of water or something of it. I thought it was a versatile thing I could make.

1-16-18 Update

In this one I have added some Turok models into the mix. I have used the Trex and the Human skulls on top there obviously. I also used Turok 1 and Turok 2 textures in these. Which I think is the way to go! No there’s no Doom esque going on here lol.

I really like this one!

Started messing with The Turok 3 axe trying to put it into turok 1. Exported from the N64 version using lemmy’s tool and debug mupen.


1-20-18 Update

Made some floor models for the hell pack. Didn’t get to have much time the previous few days. This is turning into a mod, which will pit Turok into a dark hellish type of map. I’m going to separate this post from this one from here. So when it comes to the mod instead of the models I make I can separate them organized.


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