My Maps

Maps I have made.

DN64 Revisited

Requires Eduke32 This is a mini episode where you go back to some of the Duke Nukem 64 DM only maps except this time Duke is in for a little surprise! Story: Duke 3D, Duke64, and DNF were all hanging… Read More ›

Revisit Noctis

Duke there is plant life showing on Mars in the Noctis Labyrinthus, you must return. Things have changed since your last visit and plant life is showing that there could be Aliens there. They must have known you have been… Read More ›


*Needs Nuclear Winter expansion** Story : Duke64 never had his Holiday, there was no expansion pack for it so he is mad as hail and calls Duke 3D and tells him he is a lucky son of an arghhhhh for… Read More ›

Turok 2

This map was mostly inspired by the level “Catacombs” in Turok Dinosaur Hunter on the N64. 2nd map in my Turok series and Turok 3 coming soon. You can actually see a piece of Turok 3 at the ending of… Read More ›